The Door County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division is the primary response for police services for the citizens and visitors in Door County. 

The Patrol Division is comprised of 23 uniformed deputies, 4 plain-clothed investigators, 3 school resource officers and 10 reserve deputies. The Patrol Division is led by the Field Services Lieutenant. Division members include:

1 - Field Services Lieutenant Squad 2023

4 - Road Sergeants 

20 - Patrol Deputies 

2 - K9 Deputies

1 - Mental Health Community Engagement Deputy 

Uniformed deputies are assigned to one of three shifts. Each shift is supervised by a road sergeant. A uniformed K-9 deputy works an overlapping cover shift. Investigations is supervised by the Investigative Sergeant. Investigations includes 2 general investigators and 1 drug investigator. The Investigative Sergeant also supervisors the 3 school resource officers assigned to the three school districts that have contracted for services. 

Door County has a total area of 2,370 square miles of which 482 square miles is land and 1,888 square miles is water with 298 miles of shoreline. The Patrol Division provides a wide array of services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Sheriff’s Office has primary jurisdiction for 11 of the unincorporated towns and 4 of the villages within Door County as well as waters of Green Bay and Lake Michigan. 

The Patrol Division is responsible for responding to calls for service and investigating crimes committed within the county. Uniformed deputies are the initial response to many incidents, which include command and control of major emergency situations. They also provide traffic enforcement and crash investigations for the 1270 miles of town, county and state roads located in Door County.