The Door County Sheriff’s Office Multi-Jurisdictional Team is comprised of 22 members with the following designations:

SWAT Patch

· 1 Commander (Sheriff’s Office)

· 1 Team Leader (Sheriff’s Office)

· 1 Assistant Team Leader (Sturgeon Bay PD)

· 1 Canine Officer (Sheriff’s Office)

· 9 Tactical Officers (5 Sheriff’s Office, 4 SBPD)

· 4 SWAT Medics (Door County Emergency Services)

· 2 Snipers (Sheriff’s Office)

· 3 Crisis/Hostage Negotiators

The Door County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team, is a designated team of Officers who are recruited, selected, trained, equipped, and assigned to resolve critical incidents involving threats to public safety.  They respond to incidents which would otherwise exceed the capabilities of traditional law enforcement first responders and/or investigative units. The purpose of the SWAT Team is to increase the likelihood of safely resolving critical, rapidly evolving, incidents.  The main characteristic of SWAT, that distinguishes it from other Sheriff’s Office units, is its focus on tactical solutions.  The SWAT Team trains for, and responds to, mission and incidents such as:

· Hostage Rescue Situations

· Armored Vehicle Operations

· Armed Barricaded Subjects

· Armed Suicidal Subjects

· Woodland Operations

· Waterborne SWAT Operations

· High Risk Search/Arrest Warrants

· High Risk Security Operations

· Counter Sniper Incidents