Highway Information


The primary responsibility of the Highway Department is the ongoing maintenance, snow and ice control, design, and construction of the 592 lane mile system of County Trunk Highways. Working under contract to the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation, services are provided to maintain 268 lane miles of State Trunk Highways and 3 lift bridges within the County. Working with local towns and villages the Department provides service to 1174 of the 1743 lane miles of local roads. This equates to 2030 lane miles of maintenance responsibility.

In order to maintain this transportation system, the Department operates 3 shop facilities (Sturgeon Bay, Sister Bay, Brussels), 6 mines that produce an average of 75,000 cubic yards of material per year, a hot mix production plant that produces an average of 53,000 tons per year, 46 full time employees, trucking equipment, grading and construction, bridge maintenance and inspection, and roadway marking and signing.

Another major component of the operation is the procurement and disbursement of diesel and gasoline fuels to County and other governmental units. The Department purchases fuel and disburses the fuel to a total of 59 departments or agencies, with over 400 vehicles. A total of 4 fueling facilities are operated and maintained, two being located in Sturgeon Bay and one each in Sister Bay, and Brussels.

The Department also is responsible for the Solid Waste Operation. This includes performing the ongoing maintenance and regulatory testing of the closed Door County Landfill, and also the statutory requirements as the responsible unit for recycling programs. The department works with all local units of government to ensure that effective recycling programs are in place to receive state grants for recycling efforts. The grant funds are redistributed to local governments based upon their prorated collection volumes to the total amount collected.