Broadband Planning Maps

The Door County Broadband Planning Map is a resource that will continue to grow for residents, businesses and municipalities.  It is updated on a regular basis from data survey responses from the  Door County broadband survey, a countywide ongoing effort to get sufficient and accurate broadband internet data to show what everyone really has in place in real time.  This survey includes a broadband internet speed test that can be taken as many times as you would like to measure your service you have in place.  The survey itself only needs to be answered once.  This survey and database are ongoing and do not have an end date on them.  

Door County municipalities have mailed this survey out to residents to assist their broadband committees in getting an accurate picture of what is in place for their residents and businesses.  Capturing the residents that have no service in place at all or speeds that are below 25/3 (25 megabits download and 3 megabits upload) are the most important locations to capture and account for.  If you have service levels below the 25/3 speeds in place at your location, you are considered "UNSERVED". If you did not receive this survey and would like your location to be accounted for, please contact me in my office.  My contact information is on the main page under my picture. 

 This data will be used to support grant applications to build out the infrastructure for Fiber to the Premise to ALL residents and businesses throughout the County as your municipalities chose internet service providers to partner with and apply for grants and funding.  This data helps show how unserved the Door County area is as well challenging current inaccurate broadband coverage maps. Please take the time to take the broadband survey and encourage your family, friends and neighbors to do so also.  

 The State of Wisconsin was potentially awarded $1 Billion $55 Million dollars in Federal Bipartisan broadband funding under the Internet for All initiative.  This Broadband Equity Access and Deployment (BEAD) funding will be awarded to the WI Broadband Office under NTIA (National Telecommunications & Information Administration) after the WI Broadband Office meets NTIA's full requirement needs.  The work that our municipal committees are doing and the survey data information will be used to apply for some of this funding to help offset the overall cost that the municipalities are considering funding under tax levy.