Calling all talents, creators, and visionaries! Being an exhibitor at the Door County Fair is more than just showcasing your skills – it's a transformative experience. For the youth in our community, it's an educational journey where they learn the invaluable art of face-to-face judging and receive constructive critiques that shape their growth. 

The fair provides a nurturing environment where young minds not only display their talents but also cultivate resilience and grace in the face of assessment. It's a platform where creativity flourishes, and individuality shines. From hand-drawn pictures to live animals, and from baked goods to agricultural feats, the Door County Fair is the perfect stage to exhibit your passion.

 Join us in celebrating the diverse talents of our community and let your abilities steal the spotlight in an atmosphere of encouragement and appreciation. Be a part of the Door County Fair – where talents are not just displayed; they are celebrated and nurtured!

4-H / Junior Fair/ School Exhibits

4H Ribbon

Great news for our Junior Fair Exhibitors! Enjoy free entry to the Door County Fair as a token of our appreciation. Passes will be conveniently distributed alongside your entry tags, ensuring a seamless start to your week of fun and festivities.

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