County Clerk

Mission Statement

The mission of the Door County Clerk’s office is to provide prompt, accurate and courteous information and services to county residents, the county board, municipalities, other units of government and to the general public. 

Duties of the Clerk

The County Clerk is a Constitutional Officer elected every four years by the voters of Door County. The Clerk has both statutory and non-statutory duties.

The office issues marriage licenses, domestic partnership terminations, timber cutting permits and distributes the state dog licenses to local municipal treasurers. The office is the filing agent for Farmland Preservation applications.  

The County Clerk’s office serves the County Board and other county departments by assuring completion of necessary support functions and management of records.

The Clerk’s chief duties are:

  • Act as Clerk of the Board at all of the Board’s Regular, Special, Limited Term and Standing Committee meetings.
    • Creation of Agendas for board meetings under the direction of the County Board Chairperson or relevant Committee Chairperson.
    • Keep and record true minutes of all of the proceedings of the Board, including all committee meetings.
    • File copies of all agendas and minutes of board meetings and committee meetings
    • Make entries of the Boards Resolutions and Ordinances
    • Perform all other duties prescribed by law or required by the Board in connection with its meetings and transactions
    • Annually publish the Proceedings of the County Board
  • Chief Election Official of the County:
    • Election administration
    • Filing officer for County candidates
    • Conducts all federal, state, county, local and school elections, in coordination with the municipalities and school districts
    • Coordination of election equipment
    • Programming of elections
    • Publishing legal notices
    • Preparation, printing, distribution of ballots and supplies to municipal clerks
    • Tabulating results and ensuring the accuracy of all county-wide elections
    • County Board of Canvass
    • Election training for Municipal Clerks and Chief Inspectors
    • Maintain the Statewide Voter Registration System (WisVote), providing services to 18 Door County municipalities.
  • Issuance of Marriage Licenses

The County Clerk is also in charge of:

  • Annually compiles, publishes and maintains the Official County Directory
  • Distributes dog licenses to municipalities
  • Collects dog license fees from municipalities, keeps related records and forwards fees to the State of Wisconsin
  • Farmland Preservation
  • County Timber Cutting Notices
  • Local, state and federal issues
  • Mailroom & Switchboard